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ENTRY..hi..I hope youll gonna like this one..simple but it means a lot..I am also a musician..and I love reggae..hope to hear from you..feel free to leave comments..thanks

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                                     cho                                         Bandlogo for a Reggae Band: Papa Dula Band
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  • rknoetzsch
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    hey exequiel, thanks for your entry!
    i like the colors, you kept the orange and stayed minimal, also you kept the circle, which would be great for facebook (and its round shape). also for buttons :D
    though id like to see a B behind PD - PDB - and maybe you can work with the pub logo a bit? its file 1.
    thanks alot :)

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    1. shanemcbills01
      • cách đây 3 tháng

      hi need two different logo? 1st is for the pub? and 2nd is for the band?

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