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I'm building you a comprehensive compilation that covers the different aspects of setting up a bank so you'll have a robust, comprehensive and through output. Have a look at the table of contents for the work I’m putting together for you at the moment. PART ONE. HOW TO START A BANK PART TWO. HOW TO TAP INTO DIGITAL BANKING TRANSFORMATION - SETTING UP AND DESIGNING DIGITAL BANKS WITHOUT PHYSCIAL STRUCTURES PART THREE: MOBILE BANKING ( CONTINUATION FROM PART TWO ) PART THREE. AN INTRODUCTION TO BANKING PRINCIPLES, STRATEGY AND RISK MANAGEMENT PART FOUR : The FinTech Book - The Financial Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and Visioneries PART FIVE : INVESTMENT BANKING PART SIX : HOW TO SETUP MICROFINANCE BANKS PART SEVEN : BANKING, BEYOND BANKS AND MONEY

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