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3d design and suggstions

Hello and congratulations for your new house. I have attached both the original wall layout and my design of how you can use the space you have efficiently. My design has a guest bedroom with an attached bathroom, a storage space/attic which you can potentially combine with the guest room as a closet. Also, there is a spare room left which I have some ideas on how to use it. Depending on your kids’ interest you can do either of the following - soundproof the room and make it a music/instrument practicing room, make it a small “lab” with learning tools if they are interested in robotics or engineering or just a classic study room/ home office. Implementing my design will involve reconfiguring the walls but doing that will make sure you are using the space in the most efficient way possible. The furniture in my 3d model is just for reference; you can apply any theme you want to the rooms. Yes, I can help you with the implementation of the design and the payment should be on project.

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                                     cho                                         Bathroom addition to existing upstairs and floor plan idea for remaining space
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