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For my research, there is no relevant book yet on

the matter. there is enough data from different sources that, together, could be this book that you are looking for. Books are too slow to have cought up with the current cenario you already perceive, but can't find as a bibliographic source. The solution is to "build your own book" gathering data from different sources. The challange is how biased publications on this topic are by nature. Also by nature, you need to be carefull to avoid addign your own bias to it. let me know your thoughts. if you decide to "DIY: there are a few fundamental transformations that are too recent, too fast and too contrary to cultaral legacies. As current dynamics are of a complete differnet nature, only Interdisciplinar (multi/trans) literature is capable to provind better insinght on the matter, and at a faster pace. In other words, there is a better chance to find what you are looking for using searching in different fields. Thanks.

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