Bảng thông báo công khai

  • SemenV
    • cách đây 7 năm

    Hi, Pablo! I will take note of your comments. I'll wait for announcement of the winner among the candidates. See you soon

    • cách đây 7 năm
  • JPRS2000
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 7 năm

    Hi Semen.
    Thanks for your sketch. The illustration looks good. Probably I would need a more fierce face on the tyrant (ideally the same king of face than the one already done - remember they should match the existing one). His body expression seems very static.
    Perspective wise, the people on the boats by the island look too small in proportion. BTW, the coastguards are no gunships. No weapons should be displayed.
    The island is too wide behind the Tyrant. See the shape of the island of Cuba...

    • cách đây 7 năm