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Build me a professional services website

I've added multiple addresses section and product section, other pages like services, about, product and contact will be design after selection. hope you will like. Thank you.

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  • DreamDesignHR
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    As per the requirement, we are not building a landing page website. The information on the home page is ok thus far but we would be glad to see a live preview to decide as we made mention on the public comment page. Only entries with live previews will get final consideration.

    We want our homepage to be interactive and have transitions. This can be of inspiration for a welcome slider without referring to the fonts


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    1. vw8220815vw
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      I don't have any link. I've design in Adobe xd lol. It's not live preview.

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    2. DreamDesignHR
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      @mnislamsaju2 note that this is a contest and not a fixed project. You should know the rules of the contest before affirming anything. If the contest was public anybody would have seen your design and comment and refer to them for inspiration if need be... Unfortunately, you have just lost yourself an opportunity to work with us on any future project.

      You're free to contact Support regarding the same as @vw8220815vw has nothing that refers to or is relevant to your design. Thanks

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