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I am very devoted and sincere on all work assigned to me I am very responsible and hard working. hard working is a key to success and success is what matter is every goal. no hard work in glory. they are People who are intelligent but still they can't achieve their goals and unless they work hard. They might have to work a little less than other but still hard Working can change your destiny. I commit great standards with a every work I do. I am doing work here from many years with my all Devotionals my...... and measure Expertise are: 1.Attention to detail 2.knowledgle of computer 3. Strong written and verbal communication skills 4. fast typing 5.Accurate data entry 6.Ability to work independently 7. Editing skills 8 .Discretion with confidential data. 9. Digital marketing expert 10. Video animations 11.Wordpress development 12.Photoshop expert 13.Web scaraping 14.Fireworks 15.HTML 16.Graphic design 17.Banner design 18.Data entry online/offline 19.Document conversion (PDF to Excel or

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                                     cho                                         Building a excel layout for data collection
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