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Excel Layout for data collection

Dear Contest Holder, I have tried to follow the instructions and public board replies of you very carefully. I have made a simple layout for collecting and presenting RCD data in Google Sheet and Google Doc. I used Google sheet to input the data very easily by your team. I also remembered the clients' easy understanding of the information( I followed the existing layout of your report format for that). The Google Doc and Google sheet is linked so that your team can easily input data for the tables and line chart. They need to just add sheet(copy the previous one) or copy the tables and charts in the same sheet for each unit of the block, and insert the data for the score only. Other things will be changed automatically. The report file for the clients just require to copy the previous layout except the table and chart( these need to be copied from the google sheet just). That's all from me. I am attaching the screenshots for your convenience. Many thanks.

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