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Some questions first

Hi, I have a couple of questions on this first (bit of a brain dump, sorry): 1. you mention that the team find the format hard to update (which I can understand as it's in a big word doc) - are there any preferences as to how they can collect the data? will it be ok to use excel for them, or is a simple text file easier? (do they have laptops or just phones/tablets when working on site?) is the data somehow captured already by the testing equipment? 2. the clients are familiar with the report format - it would be possible to autogenerate the whole report if the data is captured in a consistent way (including the notes for the tests (eg loose screw) - my instinct is that it'd be worth spending some time developing an easier to navigate report (with a summary of results and links to the details for each Unit Please respond in the chat for this entry or directly to me (I can't contact you directly). Good luck with the project, whoever you choose to go with Best regards, Lee

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                                     cho                                         Building a excel layout for data collection
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