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ME-SB001 Concept Layout

Here I have created a simplistic layout showcasing a 2D profile and a front elevation of the moulding showing only critical dimensions and 3D renderings of the same to showing finishes. This layout can be tweaked to your requirements such as more detailed dimensions and specific material pallet. However, I omitted this based on my own experience as an architect, I usually only need the height, depth, length and choice of finishes. It has been a pleasure participating in this competition and I look forward the announcement of the winning entry.

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                                     cho                                         Cad drawings for each shape with title block and 3d render of shape
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    Hi Looking good need a couple more measurements the length of the pc is always 96" long the bottom lip dimension also need my email on there infoATfoamcoremouldingsDOTcom also for the 3d looks great a couple things are mouldings are stucco with a foam core center so a gray type finish on the outside with a white styrofoam core. Grey cement color is not on the back side. if you visit my website you can see what i mean. Maybe show a picture with just the cement and then one with the stucco finish coat on it.? there are a few shapes that will be plaster aprox 20. so that plaster finish you show looks good except the interior of the shape needs to show styrofoam also.. One more thing what is the file format? and is there a border around the outside edge so it is able to be punched to put into a binder? If you get this completed what is your time frame for doing 300?

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    1. DuWayneO
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      Hi thank you, I'm glad you like it so far. The changes you request are easily done. The hard part it nailing down a final format so I'll update the design as per your feedback, once its 100% to your liking I can crank out all 300 in 2-3 days including contingency time.

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