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Typical Profile Layout

Hello, as a future Architect in the province of Alberta Canada, I looked upon this contest as if I was the end user. In my own opinion I would like to see certain items and information on the material that I am requesting. I would like the Autocad file with a printable PDF copy, on a A-size sheet preferably as our printers do not print 11x17. I would also like to see the dimensions of the profile, a 3D isometric rendering and a front elevation view to grasp a quick understanding of what it may look like, and if possible, use it to insert into my set of architectural prints. Some local notes on the lbs per linear foot would be handy as well but not necessary. As you can see the layout is nothing spectacular or has as much flare as the others, but none the less it works, it's functional and has key components to satisfy the requester. Thanks for your interest, Todd A. Pruden

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                                     cho                                         Cad drawings for each shape with title block and 3d render of shape
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