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Some Designs are here

Hello, some packaging designs that I have designed in line with your requests are attached. These; Coconut oil label, Almond oil label, Argan oil label and package, Hyaluronic Acid label and package. I can make any changes you want in the design according to your requests. If you like the designs, I can continue with the other packages you want. I hope you will like it!

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  • Bemme0815
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    looks quite interesting. We want the packaging always somehow only with the colour white and silver and just a small image about the product itself like aloe vera, retinol, argan oil, hyaluronic acid ....... like corporate identity but the bottle label can be a bit more colourful or just as you made it but with some small difference to see whats the ingredients about.

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    1. zseymayildiz
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      Thank you very much for your rating. I added a shade of the dominant ingredients of oils to my design just to make it a stylish design. For example, there is Argan oil inserted in the package with an Argan tree branch. However, you may be right that this is not well understood. I will update and upload the designs again according to your requests. Thanks!

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