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Icon set design

Here is a modern, minimal, fresh and most importantly functional icon set design based on your brief. I have provided you with 3 different sizes of 16px, 32px and 128px. For the 16px icons are also 2 different options that you can choose from for each icon. I have also provided you with the icons on both light and dark background so you can preview it. All the design is custom made for the purpose of this contest so please do not hesitate to contact me to see them in the correct resolution and for any changes or other requests.

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                                     cho                                         Create a set of icons for windows tools
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  • aih2
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    i like this style, but i'm missing the connecting component. i can't see that all these tools are from the same vendor or "belong together"

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    1. Khotanhosseini
      • cách đây 4 tháng

      Thank you for your feedback, initially the connecting component is supposed to be the illustration style of the icons, though if you like, I can arrange them in a different way to create a more prominent connection, such as having the LX the same style in all of them.

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