Create a single page design for an existing site

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I have a web site that uses a light theme with white background (see attached images).
All pages use the same fixed header (with a logo and menu) and a dark blue footer (also with a menu).
Between the header and footer we need a "Work with us" page body using the text in the attached txt file.

I want an inviting page body, possibly with an interesting image/coloured panels/sections fonts.
The body caption "Work with us" must catch the interest of the user and encourage further reading of the page. Remember that the header and footer will always be visible so the body style must fit in with them - and between them.

Create a mock-up using the header and footer images (see attached) and between them add a sample design for the body.
The mockup body can be cut from another web page and does NOT need to user our attached text. It is a mockup and can use an image or "Lorem Ipsum" text. It is the design that I want to see not the content. I also want to see how and how it fits with the header and footer.

The mockup does NOT have to be high resolution BUT, any image pasted as the proposed page body MUST be relevant and show multiple sections to represent the 7 or so options needed on our page (see attached text file). We do NOT need image carousels as we have no images for a page like this.

To enter you must send a link to the mockup page or send an image of the mockup page - either must have our headers and footers showing.

I will select the winner based on the mockup design - not on the quality of the mockup.

If you have a lot of questions please read the above again. It is pretty self explanatory.

Return us a responsive HTML page to the agreed design with our header/footer in place as images so we can view it on our server. We will discuss changes as the page is being developed. When approved, we will replace the header/footer images with the actual header/footer code and upload to our site. It may lead to more work.

Please note that our site in non-CMS and uses HTML/CSS so the solution must be HTML/CSS . The finished design must also be 100% responsive.

PLEASE NOTE, the competition may end early if a suitable design is submitted.

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“Produced a nice design - the best by far. Delivered it fast too. Highly Recommended”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ financialst, United Kingdom.

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  • Mahediii
    • cách đây 4 tháng

    Dear contest holder, I know its a little late & you have already decided your winner, but can you check my work at entry #22 . If you like my work than please contact with me for your next work.

    • cách đây 4 tháng
  • abdullahalmamuna
    • cách đây 4 tháng

    Work has almost been done please wait for my entry.

    • cách đây 4 tháng
  • datorosto
    • cách đây 4 tháng

    Hello I work. Please wait 3-4 hours. I am going to create a very nice page.

    • cách đây 4 tháng
  • Abdelrhmankhali5
    • cách đây 4 tháng

    I Edit some thing like adding text before card after uploading sorry for that

    • cách đây 4 tháng
  • faridahmed97x
    • cách đây 4 tháng


    • cách đây 4 tháng
    1. financialst
      Chủ cuộc thi
      • cách đây 4 tháng


      • cách đây 4 tháng
  • Mnaimurrahman32
    • cách đây 4 tháng

    working . Just wait

    • cách đây 4 tháng
  • abdullahalmamuna
    • cách đây 4 tháng

    Working Sir.

    • cách đây 4 tháng

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