Custom Packaging (box) Design -- 2

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Hi! I need a one color box designed. The template is attached. The box is 8x8x3.25 inches. I did a contest previously for a full color box- I attached a picture of that box. For this contest I need a simpler design. I also need it to be just one color- blue. I've attached a pictures of a box I like called petplate -along with my logo and favicon. I don't want the design exactly like the petplate box but I do like that design.

For inspiration please visit petpicked dot com

A few ideas for wording placement are below:
the finalout file has my original box design and I like the wording on that box

Front flap:
Let your pet pick!

Inside top:
Bone Appetit!

Left inside Flap (like on the chewy box pic attached):
Share the love! We want to be a part of the taste test. ! Take a pic of your pet picking their favorite food and share it with us!
Love it! Snap it! Share it! #Pet Picked (Social logos) Right Side: Pet Picked logo

Right inside Flap:
Thank you!

Bottom: Share the good times with us @ #PetPicked (Social logos) Favicon, [login to view URL]

Below are template instructions from the box company, please don't submit a design if you can't comply with their requirements.

Files should be in CMYK mode (not RGB).
• Be sure to expand all fonts and text to shapes (vectors)* — no live text, please and thank you.
• Embed all images in the document or send the links for the artwork source files. This will prevent any missing links when we go to press.
• Your designs should have at least a 0.25-inch bleed in areas where the graphic exceeds the dieline.
• Dielines should be on a separate layer, visible to prepress for set up. If they are distracting while you are working on or proofing the file, you can turn off their visibility by using the "eye" icon in the Layers palette.
• Send your file(s) in a format that is readable in Adobe Illustrator CS6. If exporting from Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud, you can down-save to CS6 in the 'Save As' menu.

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“Won one of my contests with a terrific design!”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ courtneyballew, United States.

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    What do you mean by 1 colour? your logo is in 3 colours..!!! Do you want total print in 1 colour (Blue), or just background in blue.

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    Do you have the logo in a better resolution?

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