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Logo for Livinlive studios

Hi, Here are my logos that I have designed for you. It may be that I completely miss the target, but this idea came to my mind when I saw the studio pics, guitars and drums. I'll tell you a little about this logo.The logo is very versatile. It works in many different colors and different backgrounds. Logo works great whether it is big or small. You you can use this logo a smaal on the website and a large on the wall of the studio. Text in the logo is fully hand-written, so it is totally unique. Lower part of the big L-letter is present the guitar body and text present the guitar neck (if it's the right word). I have a lot of ideas in mind relating to this logo and one idea is that I'll draw guitar headstock after the text. I just sketching that and try to send this version to you. The texts can be, of course, change and correct to your liking. Best regards from Finland Petri Tyynmaa

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