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Thai Supplys - Samples 2 - Precision Logo Design

o Sample images are watermarked. o Proposed designs are only a quick presentation and are not the final product. o You may suggest further changes to the designs wherever necessary. You may also suggest to mix & match existing designs. o Please do not hesitate to provide critical comments or request for more variations. o We are happy to work on your design until you are 100% satisfied. Final Design Delivery Will Include: o Your design in high-resolution print-ready formats o Complete source files for your design (CDR / EPS / AI) o JPG, GIF, PNG formats for use on website, emails, and electronic documents. The above samples are for illustration purpose only, and are not the final products. Based on your feedback, we can modify the designs for you. You can also request more samples if none of the above samples suit your requirements. Please feel free to contact us with any further updates or feedback that you may have.

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