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WhiteWeb Logo Design

I have designed you a modern logo what I feel could represent your company very well. On your landing page on the site you have highlighted that your company is a group of individuals, so this logo plays to that advantage. The top left cluster of the letter W illustrates how you would each be able to have your own identity within the company, whilst still identifying yourselves as a group. This could be used within business cards, portfolios or even just within email communication. For the main logo I have submitted three variations which play on the same concept. The W is used as the main focus point, and is also iconographical and memorable; two things which a logo should be. Scalability is also another important element when it comes to logos; meaning the logo can be clearly identified whether it is at a small scale on a business card or letter head, or on a 10ft tall billboard. This new design is modern, customizable and individual, but most importantly memorable.

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