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Sands Folder

Hi there. My entry for your folder. I re-set the folder artwork in order to make it print-ready - based on your design and to template/keyline provided with only one pocket on right hand side as per your request. As you cannot extract a photo from a PNG I used another image (royalty free and free for commercial use); but if you would like your original image this could be dropped in instead (provided without text). The 2nd image shows the inside of the folder with the flap. The 3rd image shows the artwork with the flap open. Or you may decide to have no printed image on flap. This can be provided as print ready PDF, with and without keyline. The font - I used Nexa Bold can be outlined, or if you would like to use your original font I can change that. Best regards, Caroline

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  • CHarberd
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    The image is just called 'Vehicle Center Console' and the folder practically shows the whole image, so there's no other info to go on. If you took a similar photo (high res) of a car interior and sent it to me, I could drop that in.

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  • joshsands
    Chủ cuộc thi
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    Did you happen to catch what brand the car is for the image you used? I really like the design, but want to make sure it's one of our brands. Kind of hard to tell from the picture

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