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Dear Sir/ Mam, Kindly find the attached my entry for the given RCC structure in which I have focused on space planning, site condition, natural ventilation, vegetation, design requirements and minimalism. Design criteria as follows: a] Entrance foyer is provided before you enter into the lounge space. b] Changes in levels - specially for Dining area c] I have kept an option open for Dining area to have Air conditioning over there by providing sliding folding doors. d] Double height for Lounge/Living area along with the Floating deck. e] I have added design element like Floating deck for Lounge and Master bedroom. f] For elevation enhancement, I would love to plant Champa tree along with the textured wall behind. (Don't relate in 3D view) Also, I have kept it visually minimalistic. I have provided basic 3D view just for your understanding. I hope you like my work and your suggestions are most welcome. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks and regards, Ar.Madhavi Mhatre

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