Design posted for Facebook adevertisment, simple but unique, need some fresh ideas! - 14/09/2022 04:57 EDT

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Design posted for Facebook adevertisment, simple but unique, need some fresh ideas!
Below is all the description from the previous contest, so all the same, attaching logo and last done ad but this time little crazier, little newer, something fresh, need more ideas, needs to be cool not and no rush this time.

"""I'm with Old Sport Dispatch, it needs to be in the bottom of the posting: let's say right bottom corner:
- powered by Old Sport Dispatch (I will attach Old Sport Dispatch logo, flowers)
and head, main message is that K&K Cargo is looking of CDL drivers (K&K Cargo is the carrier company, specializing on semi truck hauling, Power Only and Dry Vans, but I also would like to mention a choice:
- chose what to work with, Power Only, Dry Van, Flatbed;
then very important message:
- earn .$/mile + % from gross, combo, pay weekly;

I think maybe even Black & White colors with colored Old Sport Dispatch logo somewhere in the bottom, this will be used for Facebook advertisement to recruit CDL (Commercial Driving Licence) drivers to work as truck driver.

and very important contact info, my phone number and email:
+1 585 326 0030
oldsportdispatch at gmail dot com

I hope it's good enough to understand what needs to be done, simple posted for Facebook that will be used to recruit commercial drivers.""""

Let's go do it.

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    Please check #20 #21

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    Do you need 4 weeks to choose a winner?

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      Yes! This is the Toughest jobs I ever seen!

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      No last time he chose the winner in just 22 hours

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