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This is an illustration of my explanation

Hey! This is an illustration of my explanation that muzzle brakes are in two parts, which are connected by a thread. This makes it possible to create a unique space inside that cannot be done in a traditional way. I really liked this competition. A couple of weeks spun and options appeared. The creative thought worked really well. Write! It seems to me that the topic is not finished and needs to be continued! Evgeniy (BeregFILM)

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                                     cho                                         Design 3 unique and effective muzzle brakes
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  • InfiniteProducts
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    Thank you! We like the ideas you’re coming up with. We’ve extended the design, hoping you’ll have more time to develop your ideas.

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    1. BeregFILM
      • cách đây 3 tháng

      Thanks for your feedback, I hope to suggest 2-3 more designs in this time ...

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