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Hi, Are you tired of searching for freelancers and not getting the results you want? I know that feeling, that's why I am here to help you! you need a perfect social media marketer for you tourism business. Having 3+ years of experience as a digital marketer makes me the best candidate for your project. WHAT TO EXPECT: - Social Media accounts creation/optimization on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Customer service is another essential aspect of the tourism industry that has directly through social media. When people are unsatisfied with a tourism service, they can call the companies to account for that. so that proper marketing is very essential for any business. will do - Hashtag Research to reach larger and more targeted audiences - Your approval of the posts before scheduling them - Scheduling the posts at peak times - Improve Organic Growth - Improving your Brand's Awareness & Identity i will attach some tourism releted images bcz i dont know what your website is.

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