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Ethernet protocol based Proteus simulation project

Hi, I have read your requirement, and I noticed that I am appropriate for this project. I`m an electrical engineer in managing intelligent electrical systems and embedded systems with 3 years of progressive experience. I specialize in producing and testing electrical tools and signal simulation by using some technical tools (Tinkercad,...) and software such as Proteus, SolidWorks... . Furthermore, I work in mechatronics projects based on Arduino, raspberry pi, and specific microcontroller. During my studies, I have received many programming knowledge and specialized software that gives an extensive view of electrical domains. My main objective is to get 100% of the client's satisfaction. I assure you that I will provide a high quality of work combined with creativity and Seriousness at work. Best regard! ABOUFARES

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                                     cho                                         Ethernet protocol based proteus simulation project
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