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Creative-Colorful-Biggest & Effective Expose.....

We tried to use creativity to expose the logo, which was effective. Our main goal was to not only expose the logo, but also explain it. We placed logos on a colorful background; 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide, and distributed more than 5000 flags. People not only enjoyed it but also came to us wanting to know about We went to the National University of Rajshahi. More than 30,000 students, teachers, officers employees gather here daily. The principal appreciated and permitted us to place the logo. We explained to a lot of students, teachers, officers, and employees there. The sign on the 8x5 feet wide logo proved that they all knew from their heart. All over the road and the bank of river, people saw the logo, asked us and we explained to them. Hope you'll enjoy it. Thanks!

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