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Filipino Freelancers Exposed the Logo in Zambales

We don't have large banners like others, we don't have much budget, we don't have high tech gadget but we are very sure that we do our things to promote according to its rules. We target a combination of freelancers and employers in our campaign. Exposure and awareness is our top priority. Hope you can see our effort, creativity, patience, ideas in campaigns, and the originality of our work. The most memorable experience of our lives specially those kids who participated on this event. I don't like to exaggerated things bout telling the numbers of people who viewed the logo because we don't like lie. Anyway, Olongapo City is one of the progressive City of the Philippines and has a total of 227, 270 population. 15 days of hard work, patience and creativity. We are following the simple rules in our campaign: LOGO EXPOSURE + CREATIVITY+ AWARENESS = ?????? we will know the answer soon... thanks for watching!

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