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Legal Graffiti Exposed to 9 million

James Taylor, (Director of Gold Coast Unique Homes) on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, has allowed us to do a 16m x 3.1m Graffiti on his wall with written/video permission. It is on the Gold Coast Highway, which a minimum of 50,000 Australian drivers use daily. James has kindly allowed us to keep the logo up for 6 months, allowing a reach of 1.5 million drivers per month! and a total potential reach of 9 Million Australian drivers! Video Timeline: 0:00 - Written Approval from Owner 0:23 - Outline Phase 0:23 - 0:54 - Progress 0:54 - Completion 1:01 - View from Gold Coast Highway (Sorry about the poor quality video!) 1:13 - Height Measurement Proof 1:26 - Length Measurement Proof 1:42 - Final View of Logo *Song Rights belong to me.

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