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I think the picture speaks for itself, highlights all the requirements that you specified, so only road it's the limit, by buying one of your radars, of course. Being my first work on freelancer I hope you like it.

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  • cctbiz11
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 5 năm

    Was not sure at first but I kind of like it. It's missing what we sell though, kind of a mixed image I guess.

    • cách đây 5 năm
    1. andr3y26
      • cách đây 5 năm

      At first I also tought at an inside view from the car, would you like something like that? if yes i could give it a try, and if you have any ideas of improvment, i will take care of it right away. Just so you know i'm really happy that you like my ideea.

      • cách đây 5 năm