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I have designed the first draft for your website. You could get a rough idea from the video This is my portfolio. OHU?usp=sharing Kindly check out my other videos as well. I have worked on this with my own creation and design. I believe this will be perfect for your brand image. If any changes are further needed I'll be glad to assist you diligently. Good luck with your venture. Cheers :))

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  • invisasox
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    Hi Jasper, I like this draft. I've selected you for this task. Here is the link to the assets -

    We look forward to seeing what you are able to put together for this. If it's A+ we may hire you for future videos.

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    1. PrincessAj3
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      Thank you!
      I have seen the shared materials and I am working on the video.
      I would want to know few insights and the output you wish to see.
      We can discuss further details on chat.

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