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Frankie's Diner Logo

For this concept I went for a country and Family friendly vibe, the main custom font conveys almost a homemade style, but I paired it with very classy and elegant fonts for contrast to keep it timeless; for the extra touch I added a small depiction of the Okanagan Valley. I believe the logo reads very well, it will look good both at close on a menu or napkins, and far away from a highway sign or at the windows. I added a couple of samples and a mockup, hope you like it.

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  • annestew
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    Thanks, this logo is nice but a little bit busy. I think we should lose some of the text. We could lose “Okanagan Valley” and “British Columbia,” and see if that simplifies it a little bit. Thanks for your efforts on this. I like the “Frankie’s font.” Would perhaps like to see the “Diner” a little bit clearer, but the font for Diner is nice and simple, the way I like. Cool concept of the Okanagan valley incorporated in. I like the hills and trees. I’m trying to stay away from any fruit in the logo, as I think it makes us look too healthy.

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    1. E1matheus
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      No problem, I'll make some teaks and upload a new entry. Thank you for your feedback.

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