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Front End Developer - 100% CSS Web Design

Dear Contest Holder, I have designed an eye-catching website for you. I have followed your instructions. 01. Designed by pure CSS that's name main.css file 02. Validate code by with 0 errors/warning 03. Firstly ready area and filter hidden 04. When the user clicks the search button then show the ready area with 12s progress animations. 05. and show the filters area with the vehicle. 06. No JS file included or any code in JS. 07. All coded by CSS 08. Fully responsive 09. Multiple colors site what you want. Please check via online Feel free to contact me If you want any changes. Thanks for your valuable time.

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  • sKIPper76
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    Color combinations not the best, e.g. gray background color of vehicle containers not good.

    The diagonal container for the logo is distracting. Secondary footer background color is bad.

    I'm wondering if the colored background for the "Pick-up" and "Drop-off" is a good idea; not sure.

    You messed up the alignment of the vehicle options and vehicle features.

    You messed up the logo sizes of the Partners section.

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