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picky 3D Design

Hi, my name is Aan. happy to help you make this amazing product, this is the design I offer, good luck with your product. If there's anything you want to revise, let me know right away. best regards, Aan.

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                                     cho                                         Graphic design for refillable canister
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  • danielleeee
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    Thanks Aan! I see you read the brief :) Just a few comments. Is it possible to:

    1. Make the lid a little bit bigger from top to bottom?
    2. Change the gradient so that instead of yellow/green it's pink (same gradient as attachment I provided)?
    3. Make the gradient cover the whole product from base (purple/blue) to lid (pink/peach)?
    4. Make the whole base twist? So that it's not just the small rotational part in the middle?

    Appreciate your efforts. Thanks Aan.

    Kind Regards,


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    1. aanyuliansyah87
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      Thank you for giving feedback

      ok i will make as you want, please wait

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