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motorcycle dashboard design

Hi, this is me again with another design, Will be waiting for your feedback as usual :). Hope that i'm getting close to what you have in mind and not stepping away from it. Best regards, Watfa

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  • HolmQ
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    This one is the best so far of all the designs I have revived.
    Just some updates: Is it possible to add a nice needle to speed and kw (keep the numbers in the middle). Maybe add some color to kWmeter like speedometer? With a green area aroun 0-10kW? (50kW max)
    Curent, RPM and Power should fit four digits (0000).
    Add a sliding bike below the battery (like you did on another design). And if there is anything else you see that can be made nicer?
    Marcus Holm

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    1. Watfa3D
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      Thanks for your feedback. I'm working on the updated version right now and wil submit it as soon as I finish it, Please stay tuned . Thanks again and hope I win this :)

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    2. Watfa3D
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      Kindly check my new entry #37

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