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Salad Bar Menu

Hi, so this is my main idea. You'll notice I ended up copy/pasting some menu item and not all the prices are there. If you do like this layout, I'll add the price and the correct menu entry, don't worry. However, before you mentioned the appropriate format (trifold A4) I started it in a 2-fold A4 format. The front cover would be similar to this one, the back cover would be the page with the drinks, extras and smoothies, on the inside, on your left you would have the chef choices and on the right the custom salads. For the summer seasonal, I thought you could insert an A5 page. The front of that page would be your seasonal and the back some seasonal drink you could add. So like this, you could keep one menu all year long and only change the seasonal page. I think in this format, everything would fit better and wouldn't look too much packed. :) Anyway, let me know what you think! Either way I can do the necessary adjustment. Thanks!!

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