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Introductory email

Hi! I will be able to edit it to fit your preferences and requirements, based on your feedback and I'll provide it over chat. Some extra info could prove useful in order to polish it a bit(as I had to take some assumptions, by not having all the details). Also, I feel that some work might be needed with the ending, as I'm not sure what your immediate goals are when reaching a potential client or how you wish to handle next contacts. I feel that a stronger call-to-action would be preferable to a free-quoting offering (which I believe is standard practice, and not some kind of benefit or favor for the potential client). One awesome idea would be to have the letter handwritten (exceptional handwriting is required) or at least hand signed. I strongly believe that for an introductory email, you should not elaborate on Palenik's services and better just keep it short and leave that for a latter contact (but I will comply to your preferences, off course).

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