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Try my best to fulfill your requirement - which i think this logo only looks good on black background. In my opinion, the font arrangement looks better on this design better than standard HF arrangment and if i'm not mistaken that you want the font to be in black color (correct me if i'm wrong). I don't use any logo generator nor copy from other design site (Also already check logo via Google Lens - but you can double check if you want to). Please consider it as your logo.

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  • ardiankiswanto
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    Thank you for the feedback. So, can I submit revission version on this
    design since the contest still open?

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  • koadog71
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    I agree on the black background and I feel it is a must. The flame effect on the HF looks great as well as the outer ring. The HF style is not to my liking as I have seen something similar before. I am wanting an outer ring with the company name inside that ring. If you are able to see #167 - 169, this is the style I am looking for. Great job.

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