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comments me for any changes. I will provide you more changes until your 100% satisfaction . Also provide you all kinds file format as you want, Such as AI (vector) eps, png, psd, jpeg, pdf and many mor e as you like best. Thank you so much. Less

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  • Ermns
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    Hello :-)

    I like your entry and it seems that you are both creative and knowledgeable.

    Could you please do the following:

    1. Create a logo on white paper, like it is going to show on a business card. Don't send me anything else.

    2. Use the JK font I've sent you in the photo.

    3. Keep the executive consulting as you have it in your logo.

    4. Use a more minimalistic globe and please send me some samples without a globe. Like it is in the sample I've sent you.

    Thank you so much !

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