Logo design for motorsport based brand

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My business makes panels to add buttons onto steering wheels in race cars.
My vision for the logo is one that is simple, minimalist & flat with two/three colors max (blue/red/black/white etc) and has a modern (possibly racing) type of feel to it. I don't particularly want bog standard outline of a car, chequered flag etc on the logo. I want for there to be a logo which I can use on its own and then a full brand kind of logo with the wording next to or below it. My products have a radiused hex design so I want it to be hex inspired with some kind of hex design for the logo part. They are also heavily based around racing steering wheels as shown in images therefore you could try implement some kind of racing wheel sketch/outline design into it (I don't feel this is essential though). As for the font, I'm swayed towards a bold, straight kind of font, I currently like and use "The Bold Font" which is free but I am happy for you to have a go at some other fonts.
I have attached an image where I have had a rough play with a few designs that I don't feel I've executed well enough for my liking and feel I need a proper designer's vision to give it a go. I will hopefully work with the chosen designer for more branding work in the future

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“Alam made a very nice, modern looking logo and listened to my changes. Will use again!”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ JoelArgls7, United Kingdom.

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    • cách đây 7 tháng

    I've very specifically said what I want in the description and none of the current entries have satisfied this. I want a modern, simplistic, HEX design logo

    • cách đây 7 tháng

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