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here is another Logo design entry

please give me your valuable feedback thanks

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                                     cho                                         Logo for Wabi Sabi Clothing
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  • harmeetkohli959
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    We want to start an e-commerce platform to sell used clothing.

    The name of the business is ‘Wabi Sabi’, which broadly means beauty even in imperfection.

    We appreciate your entry, however, it would be great if you can work on the logo design that incorporates the following 4 things:

    1. Word ‘Wabi Sabi’ (in Japanese Calligraphic Font)

    2. Sub-heading ‘Sustainable Clothing’

    3. Have symbol of Wabi Sabi
    You can see the symbol here

    4. Have a symbol of sustainable fashion
    You can see the symbol here

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    1. AminulIIslam320
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      Yes i can

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