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discovery daVinci : logo and tagline study

Hi! I've worked on a range of logo / tagline options based on your requests from the contest brief. Right away, I saw the need for an update to your existing logo...I optimized the font and the graphics and stabilizing the architecture of the design. I've also introduced fresher, more primary colors, reflective of learning that is effective and also fun! The 1st slide you'll see the updated logo. Kept the larger "V" which adds character and style to the name, and also draws the eye in and balances out da Vinci where the "V" is in the center. That was working well with the old logo. I made the "V" with more flair, but not so handwritten script in the old logo. The 2nd slide shows the "discover daVinci" tagline with a graphic lightbulb to offset the italic / classic font. The 3rd slide shows the addition of the word "SCHOOLS" to the tagline. We can get more colorful here. The rest of the slides add the "inner" tagline above and below the graphic. Let me know what you think! Dave

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