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The assignment is for a new logo header for the website www.christiansciencetoronto.com. This would include a graphic, and the text “First Church of Christ, Scientist, Toronto” The current header is a provisional one.

We are looking for two preliminary designs, and depending on results, we will choose to develop one or the other to completion. It would therefore be helpful to have several variants of each basic design for consideration.

The first design would be a simplified depiction of the building based on the corner view or view of the main entrance (photos attached).

The second design would be based on a double “X” pattern found in numerous architectural details throughout the building. (photos attached, as well as one design which came close to what the client is looking for)

The feeling we want from the logo is that it above all be simple, then welcoming, a sense of light and freedom while remaining dignified. It should be compatible with the classical architecture of the building, but not necessarily classical in idiom. This may be a difficult blend to achieve. We have had some other attempts at this, and the client has felt they were all too rigid or formal, often with too much detail, and many were decidedly ecclesiastical in appearance, which the client completely rejects.

Basically, I would advise that you forget you are designing for a church, and think instead in terms of just being alone with God-- perhaps the feeling you get when in the forest or by the seaside or on a mountaintop. A feeling of wholeness and freedom and light.

Please feel free to reply with any questions that would help in clarification.

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“Very disappointing experience. The quality and professionalism of his work deteriorated so much over the course of several rounds of revisions that I began to wonder if the original design was even his.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ IAMarketing, Canada.

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  • deyali
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    Kindly review #124

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  • AribaGd
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    Sir, Please check entry #119 Unlimited revisions Thank you..

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  • IAMarketing
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 11 tháng

    Main difficulty with most of the designs submitted is that however good they may look in print, the primary application needs to be for the website header, and thus the format (very wide and narrow) and background (white or light tone) are not appropriate.

    • cách đây 11 tháng
    1. RamonIg
      • cách đây 11 tháng

      working on

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  • deyali
    • cách đây 11 tháng

    Sir, Kindly tell me, do you need a new logo for the Church and a website banner. Thank you.

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  • ovaisahmed4
    • cách đây 11 tháng

    #40 Please Check.

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