Logo & package design: kombucha brand

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

Seek refinement and update to prior logo and packaging designs. Initial logo feedback was to:
-Reduce size of "el" to add more focus to "zen".
-Consider removal of leaf and add to treatment elsewhere.
-Evaluate typography or overall style that speaks to the organic nature of the brand - keep design clean and modern, in tone of those on mood board provided. Would love to keep the fruits in some form to easily and visually represent the flavors and natural product.

Wish to have designs for 2 elements and view it on the packaging application (labels):
1. LOGO: balance and alter text in logo and add softness to design that is more common on commercial kombucha brands.
2. LABELS: create template for labels using existing or modification of fruits shown in "elZenBrand_Final" file. See 2 labels for current flavors and template to use for others. Picture of bottle provided. Bottle dimensions 25cm tall x 7 cm wide.

Brand adjectives: vitality, zen, natural, balanced, invigorating, premium
Brand negatives (not to be associated): artificial, chaotic, unbalanced, cheap

Mood board for provided for guidance. Prefer experience in beverage and/or health/wellness industry.

-Logo completion
-packaging for bottles, 4-5 variations for different flavors

Current flavors for packaging:
1. Strawberry Anise
2. Ginger Apple

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    Sir,please check latest entry.These are different than other.[67--72 entry]

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    Hello, please review my entries #57 and #58 . looking forward to receive comments and changes needed and continue working on this, I love kombucha ;)

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    Can you please make the contest #sealed ? You will get better unique designs like that, as designers cannot see each others designs.

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    Please check my new concept logo design My entry #29

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    Please upload ai file instead of the pdf

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