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scripts for rusty

Rusty the 'edgehog A. Politically correctness Scene 1. Ext. Day. Rusty and Ruby picketing the city hall. Ruby's board is written with the slogan: Stop ''stinging'' us! Rusty's board says: Be politically Correct! Scene 2. Ext. Day. Rusty stings Ruby. Ruby Why the Hell did you do that for? Rusty 'Cause only now I am politically correct. B. Carry on! Scene 1. EXT. DAY. IN FRONT OF A MARKET PLACE. Rusty and Ruby carry a big basket of fruits. They are sweating, sign that the basket is extra-heavy for them. Ruby Hey, dude! I can't carry this basket anymore. It's to F#*^$#@ heavy... Rusty Ok, my friend... Then, the only thing you can do at this point is to... CARRY ON!!!

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