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Hi, I submitted my design again. Actually, my entry is mistake by clicking withdraw that is my fault. However, please check it up and give me a feedback again. I got a 5 star rating as you pleasure. Please, indicate if any change, I will change it. Thank you.

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                                     cho                                         Looking style and size suggestions of h1,  h2, and tags
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  • mdgolamrabbani00
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    Okay, thank your for your valuable response.
    I will change it and submit my design also I will provide live url.

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  • subhavaastu
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    Hi, your tags are good, but I am looking for any matching color, design, border, underline, depth, weight etc. I think you used Poppins font. We already used several fonts. But unable to find out a attractive color, it should be user friendly. . thank you

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