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Hi - I have updated. I hope you will like it. Please let me know again if you have any suggestions or corrections. Thanks!

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  • nevertolate
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    Thanks for the great effort! Love the way you presented it, but is it possible to use the products I’ve listed instead as my shop do not carry most of those you have used as the icons.

    Can you also make the icons small so it’s not too big in the face and to fill up the whole sleeve? May need your design eyes to incorporate the logo in the sleeve now that it’s going to be all covered with product icons.

    I like that the logo has a masculine look but somehow the box makes it a bit too techy for a hamper/gift shop.

    Also are you able to show the design in portrait (white/silverish icons against tiffany blue background) and landscape mode (white/silverish icons against black background)? Many thanks.

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    1. rendyorlandostd
      • cách đây 2 tháng

      Thanks again for your great feedback! Everything is clearly, and with my pleasure I'll make it. I'm working on it.

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