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Hi - I have finish for my update. How about this? I hope you will like with the Icon too, I have put all the kinds of yours product. Really looking forward for your valuable feedback again. Thanks!

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  • nevertolate
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    Hi, thank you for making the changes to the icons. I would like to be able to use the sleeve in portrait and landscape mode so can we have a mixture of the icons in 2 different directions? Some can be view in portrait mode and the others can be in landscape mode so it still look great whether I hold the box upright or not.

    Also can you remove the word Baby, Children, Women and Men. For the board game, can you remove the white shading so just outline of products? Currently the board game is too big and taking away most of the attention :)

    And then use your logo from #106 but remove the big box and size it down to the size of the icons and weave it into the design so it's not a big logo in the middle? We can 4 of the same logo scattered on the sleeve, again the same concept as the icons, the logo can be seen in different direction no matter how I hold the box.

    So sorry I am not very good at explaining but hope you get what I mean :)

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    1. rendyorlandostd
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      Really appreciate for your feedback again! Noitced for your requirements. I'll be back with my update.

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  • rendyorlandostd
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    Thanks you for your rating and update! Feel free if you still have any suggestions or corrections. I'msure for make unlimited revisions until your satisfy with my design. Regards-

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