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logo design

Dear Sir, Here is your logo for your business, attractive and good-looking. If you need changes, please let me know. I will provide you all Photoshop and Illustrator( AI VECTOR, PDF, EPS, SVG, PSD, JPEG, and PNG ) files if I win. I will send you editable files also, so you change edit yourself when you need it, wait for your valuable feedback.

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  • nevertolate
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    Thank you! Same comment I shared with many others, could you use the products I've listed instead so it relates to what I am selling. I would like to be able to use the sleeve in portrait and landscape mode so can we have a mixture of the icons in different directions? Some can be view in portrait mode and the others can be in landscape mode so it still look great whether I hold the box upright or not.

    As for the logo, I prefer all to be upper cap and to box up the word 'UNICORN' and make it the size of the icons and weave it into the design so it's not a big logo in the middle. We can have 4 of the same logo scattered on the sleeve, again the same concept as the icons, the logo can be seen in different direction no matter how I hold the box.

    I am not very good at explaining but hope you get what I mean :)

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    1. Nobiullah
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      thanks for your feedback

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