Rate the quality of images (qualifier challenge for academic study)

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

Rate the technical quality of photos using the provided Chrome-based app. This is part of an academic study on the perception of image quality.

All top 20+ contestants with regard to their performance in this contest will be offered the chance to participate in a larger project, which consists of annotating the quality of 2520 images (https://www.freelancer.com/projects/photography/Rate-the-quality-images-academic). In principle, this contest acts as a qualifier for the larger project.


You will be using our browser-based app (IQAvi) to select the quality of 80 images. Use the slider below each image to choose a quality rating from Bad (1) to Excellent (100). Please review the task instructions (http://bit.ly/iqavi-instructions) carefully before participating in the study.

It takes anywhere from 3 to 10 seconds to annotate one image (closer to 3 seconds on average). The images are provided for you in the IQAvi interface. Your task is to decide their quality, and drag a slider to select it.


- experience with photography, design or visual arts
- normal or corrected-to-normal vision
- confidence in assessing and rating the visual quality of images


- Adjust your screen brightness and contrast to clearly see each image. It is possible to miss some details if your screen brightness is too low relative to the ambient light.
- Use a sufficiently large physical screen size, with a resolution greater than 1800x1000 pixels to participate in the study. This will improve your ability to perform the task. Do not use a smartphone or a tablet.
- Use a fast and stable internet connection (5+ Mbps).


1. It is essential to read the task instructions (http://bit.ly/iqavi-instructions) to clearly understand what technical quality is and how to use the scale provided.
2. Open the IQAvi app in your Chrome web browser.
3. Fill in your system information, and enter your freelancer.com profile URL when prompted, which will identify your submission.
4. Click on “start experiment”.
5. Switch your browser to Full-Screen mode (bottom-right of the UI), to maximise the visible area for large resolution images.
6. Choose the quality for each image by dragging the quality slider below each image.
7. When finished with the experiment, click the submit button to get your completion code.
8. Take a screenshot of the completion page and attach it as proof of participation.


- In the first part of the study, you will be presented with 20 training images that will help you understand the task better. In the second stage, there will be 60 test images.
- The accuracy of your responses will be evaluated on the test images. This will decide the winner of the contest. The top 20 participants will be invited to participate in a separate project. The minimum required accuracy in this challenge is 60%.
- Providing good quality annotations requires paying attention to details. Please spend sufficient time per image. It is sometimes necessary to spend up to 10 seconds to explore an image in order to find any defects that affect its technical quality.

After reading this page and the instructions (http://bit.ly/iqavi-instructions) please proceed to the experiment here:


Thank you for your participation!

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Phản hồi của người thuê

“Excellent work on winning the contest! Shiva's entry stood out from the many other great ones.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ vhosu, Germany.

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  • vhosu
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 3 tháng

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you all for participating! The winner of this contest is user "Barazesh", congratulations!

    We've seen a lot of great entries. The 2nd came "KradellArt", and in 3rd "armansim07". The difference in performance between the contestants is small but clear. We evaluated the accuracy and correlation of the entries to the mean opinions of 15 other professional photographers and designers.

    The top 20+ participants will now be accepted to participate in the main project (4 and 5 stars): https://www.freelancer.com/projects/photography/Rate-the-quality-images-academic/

    The top 10 participants (5 stars) can also place their bid here:
    This is a slightly different task, which still requires a keen eye for quality degradations. We only need 5 participants in this project.

    Many of you should have already received an invitation.

    Best wishes,

    • cách đây 3 tháng
    1. vhosu
      Chủ cuộc thi
      • cách đây 3 tháng

      Thanks everyone for the encouragement.

      • cách đây 3 tháng
    2. prasangasandun
      • cách đây 2 tháng

      Hello, I can't bid on this project. https://www.freelancer.com/projects/photography/Rate-the-quality-images-academic/details

      • cách đây 2 tháng
  • shubhambakre
    • cách đây 3 tháng

    Hey, thanks for your invitation to bid on your project but unfortunately I'm not able to bid, since I don't meet the minimum requirements to bid on your project.

    • cách đây 3 tháng
    1. vhosu
      Chủ cuộc thi
      • cách đây 3 tháng

      I see, then I will post a private project for you :)

      • cách đây 3 tháng
    2. shubhambakre
      • cách đây 3 tháng

      Thank you :)

      • cách đây 3 tháng
  • A600DC
    • cách đây 3 tháng

    Hi Vlad, Please consider my entry #31

    • cách đây 3 tháng

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