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I need 2 visually appealing graphics for a Realtors Association, educating consumers on why you should hire a realtor to sell your home & why you should hire a realtor to buy a home.

Education and Experience
Buffering Help
Neighborhood Knowledge
Price Guidance
Market Conditions Information
Professional Networking
Negotiation Skills and Confidentiality
Handling Volumes of Paperwork
Who Will Call to Hook up the Water
What if I'm not okay with the contract

First Infographic: Selling Your Home without a Real Estate Agent
... Include at least 10 "hiccups"
....I want the graphic to appear as a Journey: the homeowner has a great Idea!!! "Why not sell my home on my own!?" At the beginning of his journey he has an idea bubble with several stacks of coins... as the journey goes along I want these money stacks to diminish where at the end he is turning out his pockets and has not saved any.

With a path that is maybe loopy or not smooth... possibly
... Then he starts down the path:
1.) How do I list my home?
2.) How do I market my home for Sale
3.) How do I show my Home?
4.) Now I found someone who wants to buy...... what's next
5.) How do I consider offers
6.) Negotiate the contract
7.) Hire an Attorney or title company
8.) Calculate closing costs
9.) How do I except Payment
10.) What else am I responsible for
in the end.... they have spent HOURS, FRUSTRATION & they could end up in a lawsuit
Showing a pie chart or something of all the wasted time he spent... On Average taking 3X longer to sell a home then if they would have hired an agent.

Second Infographic: Buying a Home with A Real Estate Agent
Include 21 Great Experiences Positive their path is very smooth (no bumps)
I would like this to show a family: Dad, Mom & Cute Baby possibly a puppy
They are looking for a new home for their growing family and I want this to seem like a BREEZE because the Realtor they hired is handling it ALL! His Motto is "I have the answers so you don't have too" & "Your in Good hands" as an underlying character type.
1.) How Much can we afford
2.) Check Your credit report
3.) Calculate down payment
4.) Negotiate the Contract
5.) Find an Attorney to Review the Contract
6.) Research types of Mortgages
7.) Find a Lender
8.) Get Approved for a Loan
9.) Decide where you want to live
10.) Decide what you want in a Home
11.) Check Local School System
12.) Local Property Tax rates
13.) How much can you Offer
14.) Submit an offer
15.) Complete Morgage Application
16.) Order Inspections
17.) Get Certificate of Occupancy
18.) Negotiate Repairs
19.) Get Property Surveyed
20.) Order a title search
21.) Secure Insurance
at the end they arrive at a home that says sold and everyone is smiling ect..
I would like to keep the colors light


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“very friendly & was excellent to work with”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ ashleemorrow, United States.

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  • valeriapotaichuk
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    #guaranteed would be a good idea : )

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    1. ashleemorrow
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      Thank you Valeriia, this is my first time. I appreciate the feedback

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  • olgalolo
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    Hello. I have a question about the second part - is it a realtor journey and he goes all 21 steps by himself? or what is his part in this? because the text looks like directions for the family. Thank you.

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    1. ashleemorrow
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      Hi Olga sorry for the late response.
      I want him to be along side the Family. Helping every step of the way.

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