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Oats Recipe

INGREDIENTS For Chaat: o Quick cooking oats - ¾ cup o Cornflakes cereal - 1 cup o Boiled chickpeas - ¾ cup o Potato - 1 medium or ½ cup, boiled and cubed o Cucumber - ½ cup, chopped o Tomato - 1 small chopped o Green chilies - 1, chopped finely o Cilantro - few sprigs, chopped finely o Black pepper powder - ¼ teaspoon o Lemon juice - 1 tablespoon o Salt - to taste o Yogurt - ½ cup For topping: o Coriander chutney - as required (about 6 tablespoons) o Tamarind date chutney - as required (about 6 tablespoons) o Pomegranate seeds - few for garnishing, optional INSTRUCTIONS 1. Dry roast the oats on medium heat till it is light brown and crispy, let it cool completely. 2. Prepare all veggies, chutney and yogurt. 3. At the time of serving, take oats and cornflakes in a bowl, mix. 4. Mix in veggies and chickpeas with salt, pepper and lemon juice. 5. Add yogurt and mix well. 6. Take some in individual serving plate, drizzle coriander chutney& tamarind date chutney 7. Serve immediately

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